Greenhouse Upgrades

Key to the success of Treebrook Farm’s Market Gardens is getting many of our plants started in the greenhouse. That way, we get a jump on germinating all the heirloom goodness you love.  When June gets here our heirloom tomatos and cucumbers will be ripening and ready to eat.  Our hoophouses will be producing greens for your smoothie, early broccoli, crunchy carrots, mesclun salad mix, arugula and … will be ready for you!

This year we have made some upgrades to starting our plants, and we thought you might like a sneak peak.

We have set up a new warming table for germinating seeds. And, by we, I mean Lucas, chief farm hand, resident green thumb, and visionary extraordinare!

So, while there is snow still on the ground outside, our seeds are happily germinating on the other side of the wall!

The last of the snow:


Hard at work making the frame. Notice the playpen in the background where Baby Cal hangs out sometimes?  Yes, that is a pooltable base underneath the germination table.  Lucas is using the impact driver we got for our wedding.  Best wedding gift ever, Camden Spiller.



Plywood for the germination table:


All done! Seeds are germinating:


Soon, they will be plants producing beautiful fruit. We can’t wait!

Our tomatoes on your table!

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