Tools of Treebrook Farm

We have some favorite tools at Treebrook Farm that make our work more efficient and effective.

Today, I will introduce you to a few of our favorites.

Our newest acquisition, the broadfork. It gets deeper than any other tool (at least 13″), breaking up the soil and providing aeration. Our garden is going to be well served by this tool!

It arrived:


Using the broadfork moments after it arrived:


Last year, we begain using the BCS Walk-behind tractors. When you are raising goats, growing a market garden, and more, this tool becomes invaluable. The implements that attach allow us to plow, rototill, haul a trailer, and even snowblow!


Snowblowing during the great snowpocalypse of 2016:


We can’t wait until our gardens look like this again  – in a few months!


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